The Moby Wrap

I don’t know if it’s the rainy weather down the Cape today or what, but this will be my first mediocre review. Previously, I reviewed the Tiny Love Take Along Arch, the Summer Infant Turtle Digital Temp Tester, and the Baby Bargain’s book – which are among my favorite baby products. It’s really easy to blog and promote products you LOVE and a little less fun to write about products you don’t.

As much as I wanted to love it, the Moby Wrap just never worked for me. I think baby-wearing is a really great concept and can be such a life saver when it’s difficult to have any “hands-free” moments in the beginning, but the Moby Wrap took up more time than I had to give. I followed the instructions and would secure the wrap, but the tension was always off and understandably, the baby just wasn’t patient enough for a second and third attempt. As an alternative, I found the ready-made Ergo carrier to be super useful. The Ergo, while it’s not as snug and comfortable for Mama (and probably baby), was extremely easy to set up and more importantly, there were never any concerns about safety, tension, etc.

I know people LOVE the Moby Wrap and honestly, I wish I was amongst them. I spent countless hours (lovingly) trapped underneath my sleeping newborn and cherished any and every moment I was able to move while still holding her close. In my opinion, the wrap would be great if there was a strap (or something along those lines) that could essentially hold everything together, making it easier to secure and put on – but unfortunately no one consulted me on the design. If I had to do it all over again, I’d skip the Moby Wrap!

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