Weeknight Dinner Menu Planning

I’ve been focusing on preparedness and organization on the blog lately. Now that my daughter is getting older, a ripe 13-months-old, I find I have less and less time. I am always searching for the most efficient way to do just about anything, including the preparation of our week night dinners. Bottom line, I want to spend more time with my family and less time thinking about grocery shopping!

One HUGE timesaver I have been experimenting with is to create a weeknight dinner GO-TO list; for me, half the battle is deciding what to eat! When I say “go-to” I am referring to meals that are easy to prepare, meet the specific needs of your family, take less than 30 minutes, and you know the ingredients like the back of your hand. Personally, I save Grandma’s famous lasagna for the weekend when I have more time!

My husband and I took 10 minutes to wrack our brains for our most common and well liked weeknight dinners. I recommend choosing between 15 and 20 options. Below is our “go-to” list,


Once you’ve created your list of “go-to” meals, print it out and tape it on your fridge. When you plan your meals or grocery shop for the week, simply reference the list. Don’t be afraid to update your list after a few rotations because even the most beloved meals get boring after a while! Creating the list also allows for some self reflection because I realized we eat a lot of pasta (yikes)!

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What are your “go-to” family meals? Don’t have any? It’s never to late to start!





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