Welcome Baby!

Welcome Alexa Riley!
After a two-month hiatus (you try having a newborn!), I’m happy to share that our little girl joined the world on January 30that 1:13pm, weighing in at 7lbs and 13 oz. She is a beautiful, sweet little baby and my husband and I could not be happier. 

I must admit, labor was much more challenging than I was expecting. My entire labor lasted 33 hours, a good portion of that time I was comfortable at home, but the baby was born in the posterior position or  ‘sunny-side-up’ which made pushing a lot more difficult. (When a baby is in the posterior position, she is head-down but is facing your abdomen instead of your back. Many babies change positions throughout the labor process, but only 1 in 5 remain in this position at the time of delivery.)
I plan to share my experience with an epidural and other insight (what to bring to the hospital, etc.) in my next blog!

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