We’re Moving on Up

We’re movin’ on up folks, yup – straight up to a two bedroom apartment! For those of you who are city dwellers, I’m sure you can relate to my excitement and those of you who are not, I continue to be jealous of your backyards.

Once we found out we were pregnant, we knew a move was imminent, but tried to hang on as long as we could to save money (one to two beds are a HUGE price jump in NYC) and avoid the hassle of moving while pregnant or with a newborn. So fast forward 16 months, we now have an almost seven-month-old baby and as sweet as she is, she needs her own room. She has been sleeping in our room since birth, first in her bassinet and then in her crib around two months. We’ve gotten ourselves into such a routine now, I have to say it will be hard to see her go (down the hall)!

Aside from the space increase, including an additional bedroom and bathroom, I’m most looking forward to reclaiming my home back a bit, as of right now it basically resembles a Toys ‘R’ US showroom. Walking through my living room is essentially like walking through a maze, which is both dangerous and quite irritating! As I’ve gotten older (sorry Mom, I wasn’t the neatest child) I really like order and minimalism – less is definitely more for me and I’m excited for that to be reflected in my home once again. Now don’t get me wrong, I completely understand and expect Alexa’s things to be all over my home no matter the size, but this will at least allow me a little breathing room. Nothing says serenity like an uncluttered, organized home and trust me – momma could certainly benefit from some serenity these days! Also, this move finally allows me to decorate her nursery,yay!

– Anna

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  1. Courtney Bell August 19, 2013 at 1:55 pm #

    How exciting!


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