What are your realities?

In recent posts I’ve discussed my desire to create more family-friendly meals in order to cut down on the shopping, cooking, and cleaning time. Aside from the meals, I am also striving to be more prepared in general and figured I could share some of my ideas with you as they prove to be successful for my family.

Now, when it came time to brainstorm the meal planning and overall preparedness, I found myself getting no where. You know when you’re so busy, but you’re not really doing much of anything except thinking you’re busy? Yes, that was me. I was spinning around feeling frazzled about how I was going to rectify the situation (find time to meal plan, shop, cook, stock the house with enough food for the baby to eat, etc.) and then I was struck with this question, “What are your realities?” To me this question can be explained in a few ways, but essentially I was asking myself; what is the problem, what is standing in your way of achieving success, and how do I go about changing that?


To provide you with an example: your friend decides she wants to lose weight and sets out to hit the gym 5 times a week. But, she has three kids, a full time job, and a husband who works long hours. Setting such an unrealistic goal is bound to frustrate her at some point. While I am ALL for self improvement, she needs to ask herself, “What are my realities?” (full time job, 3 kids, coverage for her spouse, etc). Once she is able to see the truth and the reasons why setting such unrealistic goals might be difficult to obtain, she can decipher a plan that actually works for her!

When it comes to my struggle to find a meal planning solution, I first set out to find my realities:

1. I am a (fish-eating) vegetarian and a stay at home mom (no outside help)

2. My husband generally arrives home from work round 7pm, with a random sprinkling of client dinners and events – most times I have advance notice.

3. The baby goes to sleep around 7pm.

For the purpose of this exercise, this is my life and reality. There is very little changing in the near future in regards to finding a solution that works for my family. I am currently spending way to much time at the grocery store and at times, cooking three separate dinners. Something needs to change and now that I’ve seen a clear picture of my “realities”, it’s time to take action.

Until next time 🙂

No matter the particular situation you are struggling to solve, ask yourself: What are my realities?”




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