What Does a One Year Old Baby Eat?

Why is food always on my brain? I went from needing to grocery shop and cook for myself, to cooking for two and now for three; boy do I miss my single days! The most challenging part about feeding three people is the planning and the fact that I am the only vegetarian; I can’t even imagine cooking for more children, I’m exhausted! 🙂

Once the baby started eating solid foods at six months, I could easily prepare a variety of pureed foods and freeze enough for the week. As the months flew by however, she began drinking less milk and therefore required more calories through food. Throughout the transition, I kept her meals pretty basic with pureed sweet potatoes, avocado, banana, organic baby cereal, green beans, cauliflower, broccoli and a number of other baby-friendly veggies and fruits. I would never consider myself “daring”, but I slowly began introducing new flavors by cooking with spices (pepper, garlic and an italian seasoning blend are my faves) and olive oil. The next and most recent step was to try and incorporate the baby’s meals with our own, but I have to admit it hasn’t been easy – the baby is operating at a 50/50 dislike ratio!

As a new mom, especially one who lives in New York, I feel a lot of pressure to be inventive with meals, introduce a ton of flavors and foods, and to prepare organic and healthy. The last one I am totally on board for, but the others seem daunting because I’ll be honest, I’m not the most adventurous eater myself! I am trying not to raise a picky eater, but I doubt she’ll be a foodie either 🙂

Alexa’s daily meal plan included the following (all measurements are approximations):

Breakfast: 8oz cup of milk (30-60 minutes  before eating), banana (half), organic multigrain waffle (Whole Foods brand), 2-4 oz organic cinnamon applesauce if she’s still hungry


Lunch: avocado (half), 2-4oz whole milk organic yogurt (Whole Foods brand), Dr. Praeger’s California style veggie burger (half)


Dinner: 2 oz. peas, 2-4 oz ground turkey in garlic tomato sauce (yay!), orange (half)




My goals over the next few months are to increase her meat protein intake (she’s not a huge fan of meat), experiment with different recipes, and create more “family” meals! Stay tuned to hear more..

 Do you find it challenging to feed your entire family with one meal or do you have a foodie in the making?








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