5 Life Lessons to Learn From a Toddler

Toddlers are complex little beings; one minute my daughter is fearlessly attempting a jump off the couch, and the next she’s afraid of her baby-sitter. It’s a complicated and BIG world to navigate if you are 36 inches tall, have been walking for less than a year, and still haven’t the slightest idea how to tie your shoe – thank God for velcro.

Toddlers are often described as selfish, brutally honest, and have no concept of time. As a parent of one I can attest to the truthfulness of the rumors, but it isn’t as bad you think. Excuse me while I put on my rose colored glasses and explain why I think we can all benefit from living life like a toddler, albeit every once and a while.

5 Life Lessons to Learn From a Toddler

5 Life Lesson to Learn From a Toddler

Live in the Moment
Toddlers have no sense of time: “later”, “tomorrow”, and “5 minutes” are beyond the comprehension of the littlest tots. Can you imagine the freedom of living life without a clock? Life for a toddler is happening now – not two minutes from now – simply right now. While this inaptitude may prove to be very annoying as a parent, it’s actually kind of enviable – forget work, let’s go eat ice cream!

Be Honest
For better or worse, toddlers definitely have a knack for being honest. If you’ve ever been on the receiving end of a “you smell” comment from a two-year-old, you know it isn’t always a welcome attribute. Toddlers aren’t afraid to tell you exactly what they are thinking – sounds refreshing, right? “I quit my job because I hate it.” 

Be Selfish 
For the most part, toddlers live in the glittery world of “me”, “mine”, “I”, and very rarely “we”. Forget everyone else and let’s focus on what’s really important, me. When used in moderation, however, like when I go to the gym and label it “me time”, it’s actually very valuable.

Love Wholeheartedly 
Toddlers love: unfiltered, irrationally, and wholeheartedly. A sweater, the neighborhood dog, a certain kind of yogurt, and Elmo. The love is so genuine and real because toddlers aren’t afraid of rejection or complications – “what if Elmo doesn’t love me back?” said no toddler ever.

Be Fearless
Jump off the swing set, why not? Run into an open elevator door by yourself, sounds like fun. Many toddlers {ahem, mine} are so fearless, it’s actually scary. While I’m not suggesting a leap from a swing set, because that would probably hurt, maybe it’s ok to return a library book a few days late {gasp}.

What life lessons have you learned from a toddler? 

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