Welcome! My name is Anna Julien, New York City based author of The Baby Bump Diaries and freelance writer. I began writing The Baby Bump Diaries in January of 2013, just prior to the birth of my daughter. I am a former PR executive, turned work-from-home Mom. I am now a mom of two since having my son in February of 2016!

The Baby Bump Diaries was originally born from my love of writing – I majored in English and Secondary Education in college, but ultimately decided teaching wasn’t the right fit for me. I later left my job in PR to raise my daughter and soon realized I needed a creative outlet. I started blogging as a way to share my thoughts and experiences as a mom.

Over the course of time, as I have grown as a mother (now x2) and my first baby morphed into a toddler seemingly overnight, The Baby Bump Diaries evolved as well. The content mirrors my life and passions, including family travels and recipes, DIY projects, New York City guides, and all topics concerning motherhood.

Writing The Baby Bump Diaries is a true passion of mine. I find inspiration daily from my daughter, son, husband, and the great city of New York. If you are interested in connecting, I can be reached at thebabybumpdiaries@gmail.com. I am available for freelance writing and photography (my writing resume can be found here: Freelance Writing Resume)

Thank you for stopping by!



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