Healthy Easter Snack Mix

Easter is fast approaching and I am all about the Cadbury Mini Eggs, the best chocolate candy ever created. While I am a chocolate fan in moderation, I am not ready to share those treats with my two-year-old daughter.

I am completely fine with giving my daughter the occasional birthday party cupcake, but when it comes to normal snacking, I prefer offering her healthier alternatives. For Easter this year, I decided to put together a really simple snack mix that I could pack into a few plastic eggs – she can survive without chocolate and jelly beans for another year.

Healthy Easter Snack Mix

Healthy Easter Snack Mix – Ingredient List

Annie’s Homegrown Cocoa and Vanilla Bunnies
Annie’s Homegrown Strawberry Fruit Bites
Organic peanut butter chips
Earth’s Best Very Vanilla Letter Cookies

Healthy Easter Snack Mix

Throwing together this mix couldn’t be any easier, I usually toss a few handfuls of the bunnies and peanut butter chips, a few packets of the fruit bites {estimating 10 per package}, and a few letter cookies as they are about twice the size of the bunnies.

The eggs I purchased are small and fit about a tablespoon of the mix – a few bunnies, peanut butter chips, and a fruit snack and maybe one letter cookie. The smaller eggs are actually perfect for my two-year-old, otherwise she would just keep snacking or beg me for more.

Healthy Easter Snack Mix

I created a similar mix for Christmas and it was a big hit. I thought anything bunny shaped was perfect for Easter and the strawberry bites provide a little Springtime pop of color. The peanut butter chips, which I also included in the Christmas mix, were added for a dose of protein and fat. The letter cookies are adorable and she’s currently learning and exploring the alphabet – eating and learning at the same time, genius.

If you are looking for additional add-ins, I used mini marshmallows for the Christmas mix, and there are always chocolate chips, dried fruits, nuts, etc. I plan to fill the eggs the night before Easter to avoid the food from going stale and maybe we’ll even conduct a mini egg hunt in the apartment – parenthood really brings out my wild side! 😉


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