Hamptons Family Vacation

I enjoyed an amazing Hamptons family vacation over the month of August. We joined a group of friends in a house for the month – 12 adults and 6 toddlers! Yes, really. I know it might sound a bit crazy, but it was a total blast. I met all of the ladies through a local […]

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How to Get a Picky Toddler to Eat

My daughter has finally come of age, it’s time for the picky toddler chat. I wouldn’t have previously described my daughter as picky, but lately she’s been flexing her NO muscles a bit more at mealtime. As I’ve been navigating my way through toddlerhood, I picked up a few¬†useful tips on how to get a […]

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Toddlers Learn Through Play

I love when blog topics appear right before my eyes at the playground, thank you overzealous caregiver for today’s topic! To give you a bit of background before I launch into the story, I am currently reading How Toddlers Thrive, a helpful guide to understanding toddlers written by renowned expert Tovah P. Klein, PhD {more […]

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Babysitter Checklist for Parents

I came up with the idea for this blog post and the creation of a babysitter checklist after a conversation I recently had with a babysitter of mine. As we chatted about her morning at the park with my daughter¬†it dawned on me, what did I even tell her before she walked out the door […]

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The Truths of Traveling Overseas with a Toddler

I’m writing today, The Truths of Traveling Overseas with a Toddler to say, I lived to tell the story. I’m back from vacation with all my limbs, most of my marbles, and absolutely wonderful memories from our European vacation. As I often admit on The Baby Bump Diaries, I’m not one for sugarcoating the truth […]

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Exploring Lucerne with a Toddler

In my last travel post, I wrote about the start of our European vacation in Zurich, a lovely city to explore with kids. After a day and a half, it was time to pack up and head to Lake Lucerne, located an hour south of Switzerland’s largest city. Exploring Lucerne with a toddler was truly […]

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