Advice For Remaining Patient With Your Toddler

There are certain days within a week that I have endless amounts of patience – as food is launched across the room and I’ve peeled my daughter from my legs for the 50th time that day, I am completely unfazed. There are other days, however, when I have zero patience for even the smallest infraction. […]

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Fall Pumpkin Decorating Ideas

Fall is officially upon us, which means you’re likely being bombarded with pictures of pumpkins, riding boots, apple orchards, and selfies of the infamous Pumpkin Spiced Latte – or maybe you’re the one taking all the pictures! If you’re a tiny bit obsessed with the season {who could blame you?} and want a few fall […]

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8 Signs You’re A New Mom

Signs you’re a new mom – we all know them. Attempts at trying to reclaim your former life might prove to be ineffective, changes are to be expected. What’s the famous line, “change is good” or no, maybe it’s “don’t ever change” – either way, there are a number of telltale signs you’ve arrived at motherhood. […]

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The Day Cancer Changed My Life

The day cancer changed my life is difficult to reflect on. Three years ago in June, I received a call from my mom on the day I returned home from my honeymoon. The cloud I had been floating on vanished at the words breast cancer and in some ways my life has never been the same […]

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A SmartPhone Rules My Life

Do you ever feel like a smartphone rules your life and impedes on quality time with your family? If I made a dollar for every time my daughter asked to see her “sashay” video on my iPhone – I would’t be writing this blog, I would be sailing around the world on a yacht. What […]

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Healthy Zucchini Apple Oat Muffins

Oh muffins, how I adore you. I am always and forever will be tempted by the sight of a delicious muffin. The reason I used the word tempted is because I often don’t allow myself to indulge – on the whole, muffins are loaded with tons of fat and sugar. I know, I know – everything […]

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