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Will I Break My Baby’s Crib If I Get In? Safety Tips

Will I Break My Baby’s Crib If I Get In? Safety Tips

Picture this: It’s 1 am, you and your baby are crying, and you’re desperate – so you get in the crib next to your baby and soothe them back to sleep.

As tempting as that sounds, it’s not the best idea. I’ll explain why the answer to will I break my baby’s crib if I get in is a potential yes, but don’t worry.

I have plenty of alternative, safe solutions to help you get that baby back to sleep.

Understanding Crib Weight Limits

To understand if your child’s crib will actually break if you get in it, you have to understand the weight limit of the crib.

Some things like crib materials, design, and crib mattress type might influence a crib’s weight limit. However, the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) sets the recommended weight limit and other strict safety standards for baby cribs. 

And in reality? They’ve pretty much maxed out all cribs’ weight limits at 50 lbs.

crib sheets

Standard cribs have a maximum weight limit of 50 lbs and are usually made out of heavy-duty wood.

Some older cribs, and even some new ones like the Namesake Winston, are made of metal, and they’re lighter in weight, but they still support 50 lbs.

Then, some lightweight wooden cribs will actually only support 20 to 35 lbs. The same goes for bassinets and play yards.

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The Verdict: Will I Break My Baby’s Crib If I Get In?

Considering that the normal weight capacity of a crib is 50 lbs or less – yes, you might break your baby’s crib if you get in.

And while your crib might not technically crumble to the ground the first time you do this, the reality is it’s just not safe for you or your baby.

will i break babys crib if i get in
It’s really not a good idea to get in your baby’s crib. I was looking back at older photos with a friend and we realized how dangerous it was to have multiple kiddos in there!

It pretty much goes against every tip the American Academy of Pediatrics gives for a safe sleep environment.

Other Tips To Help Soothe Baby to Sleep

Here are safer alternatives to help soothe your baby to sleep without getting into the crib with them.

Eyebrow Stroke

The eyebrow stroke is such a simple yet effective sleep hack.

The idea is to start at the hairline with your finger and softly stroke outwards until their little eyes softly close.

how to get baby back to sleep

Once they have their eyes closed, keep going, and your tired little baby will just keep them closed.

Use the Light Fixtures to Your Advantage

Another trick I’ve seen is to leverage the light fixtures and ceiling fans since babies can’t take their eyes off them.

The trick is to hold your baby in your arms so they are looking up at the light fixture. Then, slowly walk forward, and your baby will keep their eyes on the light – or at least try to.

ceiling fan

Eventually, their eyelids will get tired from straining to see, and they won’t be able to hold them open anymore. That’s when the magic happens, and they drift back to sleep.

Just make sure to do this with a dim light (if any) so that you don’t mess up their calm, cozy, sleep atmosphere.

Introduce a Comfort Object

My baby never really took to a stuffed animal or blanky like some babies do. But I know so many that can’t fall asleep without it.

If you’re having trouble soothing your baby to sleep because they just want you there to cuddle, introducing a comfort object might give them a sense of security and comfort when you’re not there.

Warmies are a great option for this because they have just a slight bit of weight to them, which feels like a parent’s hand placed firmly on their belly.

elephant warmies

They also have a light lavender scent, which is also very soothing. And that’s not all – you can warm them up, too!

Play White Noise

White noise can help drown out distractions and create a soothing sleep environment and consistent bedtime routine.

There are so many white noise machines on the market right now, and you can find ones with different color night lights and sleep trackers like the Hatch Rest Baby sound machine.

hatch sound machine

But if you don’t want to get anything specific, we used our Amazon Alexa for white noise, and it worked like a charm. I don’t know if it necessarily made it easier for my baby to fall asleep, but it sure helped him get a few more hours of sleep.

Set Baby Down Booty First

This is more of what to do afterward, but if you’ve settled them to sleep in your arms or anywhere but their crib, you’ll have to get them back in their crib.

This is a crucial moment!

Babies don’t lose their Moro (or startle) reflex until they are 3-6 months old, so if they are still young, setting them down head first could make them feel like they are falling backward and wake them right up.

Instead, hold them close to your body and set them back down in a gentle, wave-like movement starting from their toes, to their bum, to their back, and then their head.

Montessori Floor Bed

If all else fails, maybe a floor bed is the way to go. We now use one for our toddler, and I’ll never look back.

There are so many things I love about our floor bed. My toddler loves it because he doesn’t feel trapped inside a crib that he can’t get out of. I feel like it creates a healthier sleep association.

I love it because it’s a safe sleep space for him, and I can crawl in and cuddle him to sleep without having to worry about breaking a crib.

Some floor beds could easily support an adult’s weight. They typically hold 250-300lbs, mainly because they have slats underneath the mattress that keep it from actually lying on the ground.

But if you skip the frame and just put the mattress on the ground, it really just comes down to how much weight the mattress supports.

sosta montessori floor bed
The Sosta floor bed from Sprout Kids

For baby’s safety, you should still have somewhat of a firm mattress, so you might want a toddler bed mattress. 

Those have a lower weight limit than, let’s say, an adult mattress, but it’s more for the longevity of the mattress – the occasional snuggle shouldn’t compromise the safety of it.

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Final Thoughts

As tempting as it may be to hop into the crib with your little one during those sleepless nights, it’s better to resist for safety reasons.

Explore other ways to get your baby back to sleep and see what works for you.

Even though your little one may be a tough one to settle, these moments are fleeting, so cherish them while they last. I know everyone says that, but it’s so true!