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Diaper Raffle Baby Showers: Free Printables + Ideas

Diaper Raffle Baby Showers: Free Printables + Ideas

Diaper raffle baby showers are such a fun way to gift new parents-to-be with one of the most essential items for their baby’s first year – diapers!

If you’re gearing up to host a baby shower or sprinkle, here are some ideas to make sure your diaper raffle is a hit.

What Is a Diaper Raffle Baby Shower?

A diaper raffle is a game typically played at a baby shower or baby sprinkle where guests are invited to bring a box of diapers in exchange for a chance to win exciting prizes.

diaper raffle example
Diaper raffle example; credit: @lifewithmylarry

Expectant parents have so many things to buy in the beginning, so diaper raffles are a great way to cut down on one of those major expenses.

If done well, you can set the parents-to-be up with a stockpile of diapers that might even last them the whole first year!

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diaper raffle haul
Source: Reddit; A diaper haul after a diaper raffle where the prize was a $50 gift card

How to Organize Diaper Raffle Baby Showers

Maybe you’re organizing a shower for your friend or a family member. Or maybe you’re organizing one for yourself.

Whatever the case, here’s an easy, step-by-step guide to host a diaper raffle game everyone will enjoy.

1. Let Your Guests Know

Make sure everyone knows ahead of time you’re doing a raffle. 

The two best ways to do that are:

  • Put a note on the invitation, or 
  • Stick a personalized raffle ticket in the envelope along with the invite.

If you’ve already sent out the invitations, send a quick text or DM to baby shower guests so they know about it and won’t be left out.

2. Buy a Prize (or Prizes!)

If you’re hosting a smaller shower (10 or fewer guests), one grand prize is perfect.

If you have a bigger guest list, you might want to do one grand prize and another second/third place prize of lesser value.

If you’re not sure what to get, I’ve got some ideas I’ll detail below.

3. Set Up a Cute Diaper Raffle Table

Set up a cute display at the baby shower to showcase the diaper raffle.

You should have a cute, framed sign – check out these free printables – and a box to collect all the raffle tickets.

minimalistic diaper raffle printables

Set the prize(s) out on the table so everyone knows what they’re competing for. You’ll also want to designate an area nearby to collect all the diapers.

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4. Hand Out Raffle Tickets

If you didn’t put the tickets in the invitation, hand them out when guests walk through the door with a package of diapers.

Have them put their name on it and throw it in the box on your raffle table.

5. Hold the Diaper Raffle Drawing

Have the mom-to-be draw a diaper raffle winner (or winners) out of the box of raffle tickets sometime before the end of the party. Hand out your prizes!

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Tips for a Successful Diaper Raffle 

Here are a few things for a baby shower host to keep in mind to make the diaper raffle game a success.

Ask for Different Sizes

Kindly remind guests that different sizes of diapers would be appreciated. 

You don’t want the parents-to-be to end up with lots of diapers their new baby will grow out of before they can get through them.

If that happens, most big box stores will exchange unopened boxes, but they’ll have enough on their plate if it can be avoided.

If you really want to ensure variety, you can even request a specific diaper size on different invitations and ask them to include a gift receipt, just in case.

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Consider Preferred Brands

There are so many different brands of diapers out there, and some parents may be set on a specific one.

If they are, make sure you specify that on the invite so the parents-to-be don’t end up with packs of diapers they really don’t want to use.


Cloth Diapers

If they’re planning on using cloth diapers, you can still host a diaper raffle! 

If you don’t want to ask guests to bring the actual cloth diapers, you can shift to wipes, diaper cream, liners, or anything else in exchange for a ticket.

Sell Extra Tickets

If someone forgets to bring a box of diapers, you can offer to sell them a ticket so they won’t miss out on the fun.

Specify that the money will go toward a diaper fund so the parents-to-be can buy diapers later on.

What to Put On the Invite

To let your guests know you’re doing a diaper raffle at the baby shower, you can either:

  1. Include a quick note on the invitation, or
  2. Include a cute personalized raffle ticket in the envelope along with the invite.

If you do that, just make sure you have extra tickets on the day of the shower – it’s pretty much guaranteed some will forget to bring the ticket with them.

Keep the diaper raffle wording short and sweet, but make sure to say the things that are important to the parents-to-be. Something like:

“We’re hosting a diaper raffle! Bring a pack of [Coterie] diapers for a chance to win a prize. Different sizes appreciated!”

chalkboard diaper raffle baby shower
Diaper raffle setup idea; credit: caseynicole.lettering

Diaper Raffle Prize Ideas

Think of your guest list when deciding which prize(s) to get.

If it’s a coed shower, you’ll want to go with a gift that everyone will enjoy. If it’s a women-only shower, you can get a bit more specific.

Here are a few ideas:

  • Gift basket: If you’re doing one big grand prize, a gift basket is a good way to go. If it’s a women-only party, spa goodies like bath bombs, face masks, and luxurious bath salts are always a hit.
  • Date Night Package: This is a good idea if it’s a couple’s shower. Treat the lucky winner(s) to a fun night out with a gift card to a popular, local restaurant and a pair of movie tickets.
  • Gourmet Food Basket: Another great option for any guest list is to put together a selection of gourmet treats like artisanal chocolates, snacks, and specialty teas or coffees.
  • Coffee Pack: This could work for any shower, whether coed or just women. Who doesn’t love a good cup of jo? Put together some gourmet coffee beans, a stylish mug, and some sweet treats for a great gift.
  • Bottle of Wine: A bottle of wine or spirits would make a great second or third-place prize.

After researching, it seems the most popular diaper raffle prize idea is a good, old-fashioned gift card. Popular gift card options are restaurants, Starbucks, or a Visa gift card.

How Much Should You Spend on a Diaper Raffle Prize?

What you spend on the prizes will vary depending on your budget.

But considering the price of a pack of diapers runs from $20 to $60 (or more) depending on the brand of diapers and size of the box, a good rule of thumb is to buy a prize in the $50 range.

That way, the winner feels like they are winning something comparable to what they spent.

Free Printable Diaper Raffle Tickets & Signs 

Looking for some adorable and convenient printables to make your baby shower diaper raffle planning easier?

Check out these free printables that include diaper raffle signs and tickets. It’s the perfect design for more minimalistic-styled diaper raffle baby showers.

diaper raffle tickets printout

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is the Point of a Diaper Raffle?

The point of diaper raffle baby showers is to help the parents-to-be stock up on much-needed diapers by having guests bring them as entry tickets for a chance to win awesome diaper raffle prizes.

diaper raffle haul
A haul of 2,600 diapers after a diaper raffle baby shower; credit: kaylee.bohannan

How Much Should a Diaper Raffle Prize Be?

A good rule of thumb is to buy a prize in the $50 range so the winner gets a prize comparable to what they spent.

How Many Winners for a Diaper Raffle?

There are typically one or two winners at diaper raffle baby showers, depending on the number of guests and diapers collected.

What Is the Point of a Diaper Party?

A diaper party is a baby shower specifically for dads-to-be. It usually involves beer and a barbeque rather than typical baby shower games, and guests usually bring useful gifts like diapers instead of typical shower gifts.

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