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How To Stock The House For A Picky Toddler

This will be my last post (for now) on ways to streamline and organize the craziness that is life with children. I recently wrote about my plan for creating a weeknight dinner “go-to” list and it really seems to be helping my family. Instead of playing the annoying, “Whats for dinner?” game every night, I […]

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Weeknight Dinner Menu Planning

I’ve been focusing on preparedness and organization on the blog lately. Now that my daughter is getting older, a ripe 13-months-old, I find I have less and less time. I am always searching for the most efficient way to do just about anything, including the preparation of our week night dinners. Bottom line, I want […]

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What are your realities?

In recent posts I’ve discussed my desire to create more family-friendly meals in order to cut down on the shopping, cooking, and cleaning time. Aside from the meals, I am also striving to be more prepared in general and figured I could share some of my ideas with you as they prove to be successful […]

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Possible Cow’s Milk Allergy In Baby: Update

I am thrilled to share we are dairy-allergy free! I previously wrote about the possibility of a cow’s milk intolerance in my baby, but after a reintroduction to the milk she has been completely symptom free! After ruling out the cow’s milk intolerance, we’ve concluded her ill-timed symptoms were due to a virus. Suspicious timing, […]

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What Does a One Year Old Baby Eat?

Why is food always on my brain? I went from needing to grocery shop and cook for myself, to cooking for two and now for three; boy do I miss my single days! The most challenging part about feeding three people is the planning and the fact that I am the only vegetarian; I can’t […]

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