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5 Pilates Exercises for New Moms

Let’s take a minute to chat about our post-baby bodies. I will start by saying the pressure new moms endure to “bounce back” after childbirth is unfair. After growing and birthing actual HUMAN BEINGS, it seems a bit absurd to apply any type of pressure to weight loss or fitting into a particular size. One of […]

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When You Become A Mom of Two

Tucked away in the back corner of my mind sat a tiny seed of doubt. Thoughts about childbirth were bubbling to the surface and igniting a sense of fear within me. Unlike the first time, it wasn’t simply about coming home; this time I had someone waiting. I paused to watch her little chest rise […]

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Baby News

I have some very exciting news to (finally) share with everyone today…we are expecting baby number two! Regular readers of the blog might have noticed a few months of silence and that was largely due to awful morning sickness or “night” sickness in my case. I am a little less than half way through the […]

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Celebrating Halloween with Kids

I’ve never been a huge fan of Halloween, in fact the last few years I’ve attempted to avoid the holiday all together. Growing up I always participated by dressing up and collecting candy from neighbors, but my heart was never in it – I lazily wore a witches costume for several years in a row. […]

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Tom’s Of Maine Toddler Toothpaste

As a first time mom, I’ve experienced an awakening of sorts when it comes to the products I consume and purchase for my family, especially my 16-month-old-daughter. Prior to becoming a mother, I chose natural products and some organic foods when I could, but now I am trying to further educate myself and learn how to […]

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SwimZip Suits Put Sun Protection First

It’s finally summertime in the city, folks! My daughter absolutely loves playing outdoors at our neighborhood parks and playgrounds, and not surprisingly she can’t get enough of the water (I was a collegiate swimmer). While all of this outdoor play is wonderful, I am always concerned about the possibility of to much sun exposure. I […]

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